About us

The driving force behind our organisation is to make people happy, as hospitality is in our DNA! We have been operating in the hotel trade with a great deal of pleasure and dedication for many years already. We have now opted to provide comfortable and authentic holiday homes at exceptional locations in our fair city of Franeker. We are convinced that we can meet the demands of discerning culture and nature lovers by providing accommodation in one of our tastefully refurbished homes. Guests who appreciate both privacy and small-scale operations are bound to feel entirely at home here, despite being accommodated in the very heart of the historic city centre. A small city like Franeker can nevertheless offer everything one could possibly want in order to “get away from it all” for a while. Its exeptional blend of charm, the age-old allure of one of the eleven historical cities of Friesland and the panoramic splendour of the surrounding rural area and its terp villages.  Not to forget the proximity of the Wadden Sea World Heritage Site! We are highly particular in selecting the homes we consider suitably exceptional to meet today’s demands. We therefore make no concessions in this regard. Our aim is to ensure that our guests have a pleasant stay. We therefore continually pose the question; could it be better, more appealing, more enjoyable? The guest remains pivotal in every decision we make. We would love to suprise you by ensuring that you have a delightful stay in our Franeker City Guesthouses. That would make us happy, too! On behalf of the Franeker Stadslogementen team.

Folkert Kuperus